Incense Set | 30 Sticks + Incense Burner
Incense Set | 30 Sticks + Incense Burner
Incense Set | 30 Sticks + Incense Burner
Incense Set | 30 Sticks + Incense Burner

Incense Set | 30 Sticks + Incense Burner

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Incense is the quickest way to change the atmosphere in your home! These small-batch incense sticks are created with one of a kind fragrance blends you can only find at Good Vibes Apothecary. Hand-dipped and individually packaged to ensure perfection in every stick, these burn approximately 1 hour each so you'll have plenty of sessions. You also get a randomly selected incense burner to instantly enjoy your new scents!

✨️Choose from 2 scent combos of 15 sticks each, or get all 30 sticks in the same scent: 

🪵Hippie Boyfriend-Mahogany, oakmoss and amber combine with earthy Patchouli to create comforting vibes.

🌹Flowerchild-Floral Rose and Violet with a splash of white tea create the allure of a timeless classic.

🌞Tangerine Sky-Sparkling Grapefruit, sweet Tangerine and herbal Mint are the perfect combination of uplifting citrus and freshness.

🌧Petrichor-A walk through the woods, with notes of stone, moss, earth, and rainwater. Comforting and reminiscent of your favorite wooded creek after a rainstorm.

🍋Sunshine & Lemons- Bubbly, bright, and truly uplifting! Sunshine & Lemons has an amazing citrus scent that is beautifully complimented by an effervescent dash of champagne. Smells like a clean house day!

☮Peace + Calm-True to its name, Peace + Calm is a serene blend of warm, black amber and comforting lavender. Envelop your home in this cozy blend and relax! 

☕️Coffee Shop-Fresh pots! Coffee Shop smells like your favorite freshly roasted beans with hints of chocolate for an energizing and nostalgic blend. 

🍓Strawberry Hill-Sweet, ripe strawberries mingle with herbal garden mint and a hint of vanilla to create a fresh and fruity scent that people of all ages can't get enough of! 

🌵Cactus + Sea Salt-Watery notes of desert blossom and sea salt envelop a light breeze of warm Bergamot for a refreshing and calm beach scent.

🐝Happy Valley Farm-This signature blend was created for a sweet little farm in De Soto Kansas, with  notes of crisp apple and golden wildflower honey.